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Globetronica – new music magazine

January 9, 2012


We’ve known DJ Pathaan for quite a few years, from back in the 90s attending his Stoned Asia nights and buying his compilation releases, to more recently listening to his most excellent but sadly now cancelled BBC Asian Network show, Pathaan’s Musical Rickshaw. Last year we supported him with a DJ set in Manchester.

We also know Indian Electronica‘s Qasim Virjee. We had a couple of Secret Archives tunes on a great compilation he released called Indian Electronica Volume 1. It’s well worth buying!

So, two top gentlemen with impeccable global beats credentials.

They have just launched an excellent online magazine called Globetronica, which covers a lot of the globally influenced electronica we all like. Hence the cunning title. The website also has many album reviews.

Qasim says this on his Facebook page:

Get your ears into the first episode of the Globetronica broadcast people – available from the website or directly at Soundcloud to listen and download:

The Globetronica website says this:

We are on a musical journey of discovery and endeavour through Globetronica to keep the door to our path open for you, an audience across the planet keen to experience some of the world’s best music and learn about the people who create it.

We like music

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  1. January 9, 2012 8:01 pm

    Thanks for the mention Vince!

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