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The Mummy Mix

December 28, 2011

The Mummy

From a suggestion by our podcast listener HuangPo…here’s a DJ mix of Mummy related tunes….and a couple of Egypt related tunes that have nothing to do with Mummies at all…find it HERE.


  1. Soleil D’Egypte
    Natacha Atlas

  2. Wrap the Mummy
    Village of Ba Jin

  3. Book of Egyptian Rituals
    Andrew Sinclair

  4. Curse of the Mummy (Imhotep)
    Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón

  5. Valley of the Kings
    Michael Damon

  6. Valley of the Kings
    Secret Archives of the Vatican

  7. Abu Simbel
    Michael Damon

  8. Queen Nefertiti (The Mummy)
    M Ryan Taylor

  9. 6th Chamber
    Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell

  10. Cleopatra

  11. Cairo Streets
    Michael Damon

  12. Temple Head (Youth Isis Mix)
    Transglobal Underground

  13. The Empty Amulet
    Loop Guru


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