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Secret Archives of the Vatican, 2011 and 2012

December 27, 2011


2011 was a good year for Secret Archives of the Vatican. We only released one album, Barbary Lion, but it was a good one. It showed a development in our technical skills and a bigger vision musically. We think it is a damned good album.

We experimented with a new business model – Barbary Lion was free but people could choose to pay if they wanted to. We still believe music is worth something. About 10% of downloaders chose to pay and there have been a little over 400 downloads to date. We then made all our earlier releases available on the same basis.

Ginger Shinobi, the ginger ninja, and I did a couple of DJ sets in 2011. We did a great show at Band On The Wall in Manchester where we took a chance and played only our own tunes. They sounded incredible through a decent club PA system and we went down very well with the (admittedly small) crowd. Hopefully we’ll have more opportunities to DJ in 2012.


We’re working on a few new musical ideas for 2012. We’re starting to work with non-Western tunings – Arabic and Turkish tuning systems in particular. We’re doing more with Arabic and Indian rhythms too, especially non-4/4 time rhythms. We’ve also been developing our sound-creation skills. Louis Counter has been figuring out how to make those powerful and complex bass timbres that artists like Nero and Skrillex have popularised. We will, of course, make them sound like us rather than like them. We’re also keen to work with rappers and we have one fledgling project in the pipeline already.


The Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast, created originally to shamelessly pimp our own music by presenting it alongside other people’s awesome tunes, has taken on a life of its own and we make it now because it’s great fun and we love all the tunes we find.

This blog has followed a similar path – I only wish I could think of more subjects to write about!

So, 2012 is full of promise. We will work hard and deliver as much transglobal breakbeat dub science as we can.


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