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Lord Cry Cry

November 26, 2011

A while back, Ginger Shinobi and I did a DJ gig in Birmingham and we met up with DJ Umb of Generation Bass. We sat in DJ Umb‘s car while he played us three tunes from a forthcoming album by the mysteriously named Lord Cry Cry. Umb described the album to us as dubstep meets blues. This probably shouldn’t work but it did – we liked what we heard.

Lord Cry Cry

Well, the album, Live at the CPU, is now out and you should get it.

The opener, Live at the CPU sounds live…rambling flute and keyboards and bluesy piano set the scene for what’s to come. I Got the Clap Induced Blues Momma introduces a more dubsteppy bass sound and, indeed, a more traditional blues vocal. Step Nuthin’ continues with the dubby bass and remains rooted in old blues, with an early-sixties inflected guitar line and a mid-sixties soul vocal. Short but sweet. Dance of the Moores sounds a little like neo-classical art music with a hint of honkytonk piano – perhaps not as accessible initially as the preceding tunes but I think it’ll be a grower. We’re back to that psychedelic sixties’ soul rhythm with Q-Cut and this leads into the fifties’ science-fiction film sounds of SaltburnRedcar. SurfStep brings in a dub reggae riddim and more dubstep flavoured bass but once again has a sixties’ sensibility in the keyboards. Schizoid Marimba starts quietly but builds – once again, there’s a neo-classical music feel. The title is accurate. Blind Lightnin’ Floor is a bluesy sounding title and is, indeed, a bluesy sounding track with a hint of electronica keeping it interesting. I think this is my favourite tune on the album. The closer, Lord High Commander, is an energetic classical music and reggae workout.

It’s not the most obvious of albums…but the best music requires listeners to work a little. I suspect that each time you play this album, you’ll hear something new.

Apparently, the live shows feature a full blues band with the man himself and that’s something I’d like to see.

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