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Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 68 – Scimitar of Justice

October 29, 2011

Podcast 68

Episode 68 of our most excellent podcast is now available:


  1. Tiger Blood
  2. Goblin!
  3. Tehran
  4. Forgotten Tunnels
    Jonah K
  5. Nine Rabbits
    Future Simple Project
  6. Rebi Kayen
    Salah Erawi
  7. Kakhaddafi 2011
    Saj Moor
  8. Eatfish
  9. Africa (Neki Stranac Moombafro Crapshit)
    Amadou & Mariam

Podcast 68

‘For the person whose heart has been conquered by the fire of the love of God Most High, music is important, for it makes that fire burn hotter. However, for anyone whose heart harbors love for the false, music is fatal poison for him and is forbidden to him’
Al-Ghazzali – On Listening To Music

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