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Octopus IV Azekka (Compilation for Moroccan children)

October 27, 2011

Octopus IV Azekka (Compilation for moroccan children)
Octopus IV Azekka is a new fundraising compilation release from one of our favourite labels, France’s Fresh Poulp Records.

Released on 26 October 2011, the CD and download have 12 tracks. The limited CD release (100 copies) is Euros 10… and the download is whatever iTunes is charging in your country.


  1. Salah Erawi – Rebi Kayen
  2. Tsunami Wazahari feat. Saimn-I & Walid – One Harmony
  3. Rafael Aragon – Bulgarian Peach Tea
  4. No.Icon – The Old Garden
  5. Duck – Natural Transmission
  6. Spectateur feat. Mistah Vee (V-Mic) – Awlama
  7. Le Perche Oreille – Récit Epique
  8. Guitoud feat. Leah Rosier – True to Yourself (Le sable de l’atlas)
  9. Fingoonet – Electronic Travel
  10. Andreia Dacal – Verde A Mata
  11. Mistah Vee (V-Mic) meets Duck – U Don’t Have 2 Break It
  12. Dubosmium – Stepper without Borders

Full details of the release and the Moroccan charity are HERE …although they’re in French!

Moroccan children

Moroccan children

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