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Spotify and Facebook

September 27, 2011

I’ve been saying for ages that Spotify is a bit crap and is essentially the old music industry masquerading as part of the modern world. The plot thickens.

In the same week that I found out that they pay different rates to independent record labels than to the old majors and that they won’t tell anyone how much less they’re paying the indies, the BBC reports that from now on anyone opening a Spotify account must also have a Facebook account.

Read the BBC news item HERE

Now, although I’m a big fan of Facebook for many reasons, this strikes me as just plain wrong. I have a sneaky suspicion that as Facebook‘s longer term plans become better known, we’ll find huge pressure from Facebook subscribers to sign up to the risible Spotify.

Once again, the old industry tries a flanking maneuver to deceive people into buying back into the crap music the major labels churn out. Watch Facebook closely, people…

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