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August 12, 2011

H2Z#6… Stand… is the sixth episode of The Hip Hop Zone podcast. H2Z is one of the podcasts from Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory and is well worth investigating, even if you think you don’t like hip hop. Don’t think it’s got anything to do with mainstream gangsta bollocks, bitches and hoes, bullshit and bling rap – this is more often interesting, funky, intriguing instrumental grooves from artists you’ll never have heard of but should have. If there are raps, they’re more likely to be intelligent and actually have something to say. Tunes are from all around the world, too – the American hip hop hegemony does not rule here!


Full details HERE
Direct download HERE


  1. Apathetic – Burning Bright
  2. RKZ – Manintheattic
  3. Advertise – Jimmy The Fingers
  4. Dub In England – HighMas
  5. I Who Have Nothing – Skripnik & Phonsen
  6. Lost Hours – Anitek
  7. Standing Firm in Taiwan (Lata Refix) – Kou Chou Ching/Bounty Killer/Lata
  8. Oasis Of Rhythm – Project Divinity
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