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How do we market our new album? Part 7

August 11, 2011

Barbary Lion

It’s been about three weeks since our last post on this subject. It’s reaching that tricky point where we ask: ‘What do we do next?’.

Barbary Lion

Most small labels would never reveal download or sales figures but, hey, we do a lot of things others don’t. We’ve had about 200 album downloads from Bandcamp (plus a few individual tracks) and those choosing to pay stand at a little over 10%. Average payment has remained at $5. We may have also had some downloads from Last FM but I’d expect the figures to be very low. We know there have been small numbers of downloads of individual tracks from Official FM too. It’s too early to know about sales from the mainstream online stores but I have low expectations.

Dust Particles

One of the tracks, Hunter’s Moon, has been released on a compilation on a new netlabel, Angel Dust Records. Details HERE.

Barbary Lion

Various podcasts have played tracks from Barbary Lion but it is difficult to know whether these plays lead to downloads. I hope so. Certainly, we make an effort to encourage listeners to our own podcasts to track down and acquire/buy the music they hear so I hope that podcast listeners sometimes do that. Podcasts are an amazing way to hear music that people would never hear any other way. There’s some startlingly good music being made in every genre. Well – possibly excluding what is now called RnB which is all shit.

Barbary Lion

We’ve had a small amount of radio play and we’re popping up in occasional DJ mixes.

Which is all great and makes us happy. However, like all musicians, we’d like to have more than 200 people listening to the album that we put so much hard work into. We genuinely think it’s a good album that deserves to be heard much more widely. Our challenge now is to find a way past all the obvious marketing techniques we’ve used already to up the game a bit. All on a budget of nothing, I hasten to add. If anyone has any ideas, we’re all ears!

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Broken Drum Records

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  1. August 11, 2011 10:55 am

    Perfect timing – Angel Dust Records have just posted about sales so far for the Dust Particles compilation. It has a useful analysis of how each download site shows different results.

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