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Dust Particles – Volume One

August 4, 2011

Dust Particles – Volume One is the first release from a new netlabel, Angel Dust Records, founded by legendary podcaster, Pete Cogle.

DustParticles - Volume One

Angel Dust Records will specialise in the bass-heavy end of the musical spectrum, encompassing dub, dubstep, breakbeat, drum and bass, hip-hop and all kinds of bass-oriented electronica. Which means we’ll like it!

We like it already, though, because Dust Particles – Volume One includes one of our tunes, Hunter’s Moon, from our recent album Barbary Lion.

They say: Like a gathering of old friends, celebrating the birth of a new child, we bring you 6 tracks of dub and dubstep in this EP: Dust Particles – Volume One – the first release from Angel Dust Records. Comprising some of the best dub and dubstep tracks played on The Dub Zone and The Dub Step Zone podcasts this is our magnum opus: a 6-track EP of killer tunes to brighten up your day.

Dust Partilces - Volume One


  1. Dr Remix – 60-40 Riddim
  2. Mastermind XS – Sunny Day (Vocal Version)
  3. Baby Arm Sound System – Hypnotic Stagger
  4. Phonianflore – Balkanyk Dub
  5. 303db – The Beast Inside
  6. Secret Archives of the Vatican – Hunter’s Moon

Download the album from HERE.

We’ll be writing more about Angel Dust Records and its plans very soon.

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