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Traffic light plan for online music search results

July 21, 2011

The BBC reports that here in the UK, The Performing Rights Society (PRS) For Music wants search engines to show which sites offer content illegally. Links to sites that offer legal downloads would get green tags, while links to illegal download sites would be flagged in red.

Full article is HERE

I presume this is to ensure that music buyers pay to sites that in turn pay royalties through the collecting agencies to the artists.

We’ve found both PRS and PPL (which pays roylaties for broadcast) to be generally pretty useless and I’ve never heard of a small label or artist who has a good word to say about any of them. It all takes ages and is way too complicated. So, people end up not bothering, which means that in the long run all the small sums of royalty money properly earned by small labels and independent artists end up in the large pot that gets divided among the big four record companies. So, nothing changes and the old music industry continues to effectively rip artists off.

Here’s what Broken Drum Records will do: if any Eastern European rip-off site is selling our tunes (and there’s a few), we’ll happily provide them with high quality source files so that music buyers aren’t being short-changed. We won’t even ask for money from you. If we’re being ripped off by mp3 sites and by collecting agencies, there’s no reason why our fans should be ripped off. Indeed, anyone wanting high quality WAV files of our tunes or CDR copies only has to ask.

The BBC article concludes:
The most recent figures from the UK’s recording music body British Phonographic Industry (BPI) said 1.2 billion individual tracks were illegally downloaded last year.

As ever with music industry stats, I’m left with the question: ‘How do they know?’ There is no way to know this but still they make the claims. It’s all part of elaborate perception-altering propaganda designed to help them manipulate legislators into working to their benefit.


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