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How do we market our new album? Part 6

July 17, 2011

Barbary Lion has now been out for about three weeks. Downloads are in triple figures and about one in seven downloaders is choosing to pay. Most seem to be paying about $5, which is roughly what we would have expected to receive from a sale of a CD through a shop back in the days of physical product.

Barbary Lion

As well as using Bandcamp as our main outlet, we use a company called Tunecore to place the album on the commercial download sites. It takes a variable amount of time to show up on the sites, for example, iTunes was very quick indeed, Spotify and Napster were pretty quick and we’re still waiting for it to show up on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

iTunes gets a lot of stick but they do pay one of the best rates back to the artists.

We’ve not much in the way of reviews yet, just one on the Netlabelism site by well-known podcaster Pete Cogle and one on a Hungarian site. We’re starting to have tunes played on podcasts, though, which is great. The podcasters and their listeners are enthusiastic music fans so we know the tunes will be listened to – people don’t tend to use podcasts as mere background like they do with broadcast radio.

So, some positive progress!

Barbary Lion

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  1. The Ginger Ninja permalink*
    July 17, 2011 1:59 pm

    This is an excellent record of events sir

  2. July 25, 2011 12:26 pm

    To be fair to Amazon, when I checked with Tunecore to see when I’d paid for hosting in order to enquire about the delay with Amazon, I realised I’d managed to not tick a vital box so they’d never received the album. Doh! When I put this right, Barbary Lion showed up on both US and UK Amazon sites within 24 hours, which is actually much quicker than promised. Amazon also allows the label/artist a choice of four price bands, which is excellent. Obviously, it affects the amount that goes to the label/artist too but it’s still a good facility. We went for the cheapest.


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