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Murdoch kills MySpace then dumps the body

June 30, 2011

This BBC news report says that Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp has sold MySpace to an online advertising firm called Specific Media.

BBC news item

MySpace was very useful to us in those pre-Facebook days. We got gigs, recording opportunities and direct contacts with all our favourite artists out of it. By the time Facebook got going, MySpace was becoming increasingly difficult to use. It went on to be pretty much impossible to use, slow, unresponsive and of no practical use to us. We’ve kept our MySpace page only because there are still one or two people we deal with who ask for a MySpace link. Murdoch‘s inexplicable strategy seemed to be to kill it as a social network and relaunch it as some kind of media distribution hub but one that didn’t work at all.

Well, now it has been sold to what is openly an online advertising company. Do we think this will revive it and make it better? No, we do not. Justin Trousersnake’s involvement does not fill us with confidence.

Secret Archives of the Vatican

What should Facebook learn from this sad tale? Keep your platform useful to people. If it’s not useful, they will desert it for something that is. No-one will stay using a network that exists only to advertise at them. I don’t mind a sensible number of properly targeted adverts but if a sea of offensive, irrelevant, bandwidth-killing spammy adverts arrives, MySpace style, then I’m off.

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