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Our new album is now out: Barbary Lion

June 23, 2011

Broken Drum Records is proud to present a new album from Secret Archives of the Vatican.

After three successful EPs in 2010, Secret Archives of the Vatican return with a full length album release, Barbary Lion, for 2011. The album features ten tracks, where drumstep, breakbeats and dub join forces with Middle-Eastern instrumentation, lush cinematic orchestral strings and planet destroying bass in Secret Archives of the Vatican‘s strongest release to date. This is music for the dancefloor as well as the imagination; it is visceral, physical and emotional. East, west, ancient and future form a wheel of constant rebirth, ever returning a vision of a future music to the deeps roots of many cultures. The album is named after the Barbary Lion of North Africa, a dreadlocked cat from the lands where Africa, the East and Europe meet, powerful, majestic and dangerous. It seemed appropriate.


  1. Veiled Beauty, Dark Magic
  2. West of Eden
  3. Secret Identity
  4. Mesopotamian Homesick Blues
  5. The Empty Quarter
  6. Hunter’s Moon
  7. Radagast in the East
  8. Enter Unseen
  9. Summer Lightning
  10. Ravens Will Feed You

Barbary Lion can be found on our Bandcamp page HERE. You can download it in a variety of formats and can name your own price – which includes free.

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