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How do we market our new album?

June 19, 2011

We’ve just recorded a new album, Barbary Lion, and it’s time to start marketing it. It should be ready for release in the next few days. No point recording our music if no-one hears it! So – how do we get it out there?

We released our last CD album, Babylon Halt in 2008. We pressed up 1,000 copies, knowing we probably wouldn’t shift that many but 1,000 didn’t cost much more than 500 and you never know! It coincided with the demise of the independent record shop as a serious marketing option and also with the rapid decline in the CD as a medium that people wanted to buy. We’ve shifted over 500 copies but I still have a few boxes cluttering up the studio. Since then, the music world has changed so that many people won’t even accept free copies now because they simply don’t use CDs any more.

After that we released one full length album download, Remembering Machine, and three shorter ‘EP’ downloads, The Glidepath EP, Wisdom Truth EP and Dreams and Visions. All are available as free downloads but we made The Glidepath EP available from the usual commercial download stores too. There’s a steady stream of downloads from all titles but, obviously, we’d like to up our game a bit and reach more people.

So – how are we going to market and distribute Barbary Lion? We’ve been slowly raising interest among our existing followers, fans and friends on Facebook and other online forums by making two or three of the ten new tunes available to stream. We’ve added tracks to likely groups on the SoundCloud website, for example. We’ve played tracks in our ever more popular podcast and other podcasters have played tracks also.

We’ll probably advertise on Facebook. We’ve used this to increase the number of followers on our band page and it works quite well as Facebook allows some very targeted advertising. They have a strange payment system, though, so some thought needs to go into the cost/outcomes ratio.

Reviews are tricky; music journals are fewer all the time and usually only review albums with a physical format available. (I’m informed by artists in the know that a small bribe is quite customary with journalists who write for one or two quite well known music journals too!). I think this won’t be an important marketing tool for us. There are one or two influential blogs, though, that are more relevant and we’ll be sending copies to them.


We’ll make the album tracks available from Bandcamp on a ‘name your own price’ basis (which allows people to download if free if they have no money or simply don’t want to pay) and we’ll also add the tunes to SoundCloud, Last FM and Official FM. As we don’t need to make money (we all have day jobs) we can happily make them available at no cost to the downloader. I think we’ll also make it available through the mainstream download stores, though, just so we have a presence there. Some people will therefore pay and some won’t. This might seem a strange way to do things but we usually ignore the traditional ways of doing things anyway.

We have a few more ideas buzzing around and I’ll let you know what happens as we go along.If you have any ideas, let us know!



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