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Thawra: Youth & Hip Hop in the Arab World

June 16, 2011


My thanks to Andy Kisaragi over at Untimely Sound for drawing my attention to this.

He says:
Documentary in the form of a mixtape, tracing the roots of some of the big players in the Arab hip hop world and how they and their music relate to – and in cases were catalysts of – the revolutionary goings on in the region earlier this year, how the lyrics move from the satirical to the serious as things become increasingly real. Really interesting stuff, the music itself is a mixed bag to be fair, but there are some wicked tunes on there from the likes of Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, El General and more.

Nomadix Wax says:
Over the past few months Nomadic Wax has been reaching out to Arab hip hop artists around the world. We wanted to hear directly from them how hip hop was affecting the Arab uprisings and how the momentous events that were sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East were inspiring them to write music. The Nomadic Wax team, made up of DJ Magee, DJ Nio, and British journalist Rose Hackman bring you an original mix of in-depth reporting and authentic Arab and Arab-American sounds and perspectives, giving you the story behind the music – or rather the music behind the story.


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