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Dub Tentacles Volume 3

May 2, 2011

Dub Tentacles Volume 3, released 2 May on French netlabel Fresh Poulp, features 13 artists from Malta, Italy, UK, Poland, Canada, Croatia and France. The tunes dip into dark dub, dubstep, electro dub and more. It includes one of our tunes, Friendly Artificial Intelligence, which we won’t be releasing anywhere else.

Get it HERE.

  1. Drydeck – Black Sand
  2. Waitapu – Truckin’
  3. Secret Archives of the Vatican – Friendly Artificial Intelligence
  4. Mind’s Eye Dub – Don Dub
  5. Ackboo – Holy Mount Zion (feat. Steve Steppa)
  6. Mahom – Darker, Stronger, Dubber
  7. A Man Called PJ – Dubalalla
  8. Injham – Babylon Lamb
  9. Sushidread – Rise
  10. Nomatx Bass Drive – Western
  11. Early Worm – My Girl Clone
  12. Jah Billah meets Pupa Congo – In Ruff A Dubb
  13. Roots Revival Soundsystem – Praises

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