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Close Encounters of the Bass Kind

April 11, 2011

dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS
Release date 5 May 2011

Close Encounters of the Bass Kind
Following in the footsteps of High Chai’s signature ground-breaking compilations over the years, dimmSummer recruits ace talent from across the globe to craft exclusive material for this new offering covering dubstep, LA bass, tropical, drumstep, & reggae.


We love compilations of South Asian-inflected bass driven music – heck, we’ve been known to appear on two or three of them ourselves. This one has been compiled by the mastermind behind the most excellent e-zine and co-founder of High Chai Recordings, dimmSummer.

This collection kicks arse, featuring some names that are popping up all over the place recently such as Nucleya, Alexis K, Kush Arora, Sabbo, Nuphlo and Liquid Stranger as well as some previously unknown to us such as Dubfi Soundsystem, Piyush Bhatnagar and Ketz. With these artists involved there’s no surprise that this collection is bass-heavy, wobble-and-growl post-dubstep flavoured, with some hiphop also representing on tracks such as Dubfi Soundsystem’s Make it Happen, where MC Zulu is on the mic. We also have some very British-Jamaican stylee raggamuffin rapping on NYC-2-India by Subatomic Soundsystem & Nomadic Wax. Some electronically mangled female Bollywood style vocals feature on Sabbo‘s Come to Me, and Rita Morar features on the atmospheric Yaadei by Ketz. Some reggae skank picks things up in dimmSummer‘s own dreadSpace. Overall, though, I think the South Asian influence is considerably less obvious here than on compilations of a few years back from London’s Asian Underground scene or even more recent previous offerings from High Chai Recordings. There’s barely a tabla to be heard! Perhaps this shows a developing confidence among musicians of South Asian origin, the growth of a natural new sound, no longer old and new traditions being merged but a self-defined maturity starting to reveal itself. It’s a great collection of tunes, another artistic triumph for High Chai Recordings.

dimmSummer explains: ‘I wanted to steer this mothership full-throttle ahead with like-minded producers and bass-Jedis on board. The comp had to find that perfect balance between grit and melody, whether in my earbuds or dropped in a set. Producers from around the planet brought their signature sound, complementing each other as a whole, while pushing bass music boundaries forward.’


  1. Naz – Saawariya
  2. Liquid Stranger – Fist of Fury
  3. FILMI – Hinduistics (FS Remix)
  4. Dubfi Soundsystem feat. Radiohiro and MC ZULU – Make It Happen
  5. Nucleya – In My Heart
  6. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax – NYC-2-India – feat. Delhi Sultanate
  7. Sabbo – Come to Me
  8. Kush Arora – Time Runner – feat. Shamik
  9. B.R.E.E.D – Gravid
  10. Nuphlo – Soul Safari
  11. Piyush Bhatnagar – Rhapsody
  12. Ketz – Yaadein – feat. Rita Morar
  13. dimmSummer – dreadSpace
  14. Alexis K – Somniloquy

Pathaan (Globetronica, BBC)
‘With another killa release, High Chai Recordings is well on its way to having its own distinctive musical language!!’

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