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Muslimgaze – Zionist Juice

March 29, 2011

I came across what I thought was new Muslimgauze release; despite Bryn Jones being dead for several years, Muslimgauze was so prolific that labels could be releasing ‘new’ material for ages, so I wasn’t surprised. When I listened, though, I thought that although the musical style was similar to Muslimgauze‘s, it wasn’t quite the same and it sounded too modern. When I looked closer I realised the artist name was MuslimGAZE, not MuslimGAUZE.

Zionist Juice
Muslimgaze is a tribute project Vampiir Of The North. He has released a free download album, Zionist Juice, on the netlabel Haunted Klinik.

He says: This album is dedicated to the people of Palestine, as well as other Middle-Eastern countries terrorized by the Zionist empire, to all who died trying to help and protect the Palestinians from Israeli destruction, like Rachel Corrie, and to those who are still fighting for freedom of the Palestinians and other victims of Zionism, like Ken O’Keefe and many others.

You can find details and download the album HERE.

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  1. May 3, 2011 6:12 pm

    I like this album a lot. Not a lot of info on the artist, but them with a alias like Muslimgaze. But ‘White Phosphorus For The Children’ sounds uncannily a lot like Enduser when the melody kicks in.

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