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Artists Against Apartheid Volume 1

March 19, 2011

Artists Against Apartheid Volume 1 is a new compilation album which aims to raise money for charities supporting the people of Gaza. It includes one of our tunes, Bint al Wazir.

It is available from the Bandcamp website HERE.

Artists Against Apartheid


  1. FLeCK – No Need for Apologies
  2. Hælu – Dubbernaughts
  3. Abu Nurah – No Bling Pop [The Wayfarers remix]
  4. The Nine Invisibles – Future Shock
  5. Rich Siegel – In Palestine
  6. Secret Archives of the Vatican – Bint al Wazir
  7. Celt Islam – Depth feat Dawoud Kringle
  8. KzA – Voltage
  9. Digikal Roots – Pepper Tree Dub
  10. RoLaZ – The Truth Is
  11. TepiD SpY – DubStock
  12. AK Gossland – People of Gaza
  13. Agit Sound – One State Solution
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