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The REAL death of the music industry

March 2, 2011

Have a read of this article:

The REAL death of the music industry
In summary, there are some graphs knocking around online that claim to show the state of the worldwide music industry in terms of drop in sales over the last few decades. This article rightly points out that the graphs refer only to the US and have been badly misinterpreted. It concludes that sales have massively dropped but not as much as the music industry moguls like to make out.

It’s in the comments by readers below it, though, where real sense gets expressed. The industry (by which we mean the big four labels and their ‘indie’ subsidiaries) still blathers on about ‘piracy’ being the cause for the drop in sales. It is pointed out in the comments that, in fact, people are simply spending their money on games and films as well as music, which naturally reduces the percentage going to music. It occurs to me that those same companies sell games, software and films. They are either being disingenuous or unbelievably stupid. Or both.

The music industry figures that are used when whinging about drops in sales never take into account the fact that more and more music is being made and distributed by small labels and individual artists that are not members of the music industry organisations and cabals. Their sales are deliberately not included because to do so would show that in reality music is healthy and business is good. It’s just that the big labels are not the ones controlling things and they don’t like that. Everything they say and do is designed to undermine small, independent producers and force the public back towards an outmoded, predigital model of capitalist exploitation.

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