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Secret Archives of the Vatican in 2011

January 1, 2011

Secret Archives of the Vatican

January 1, 2011….a day for New Year Resolutions and pondering what to do next.

Our studio PC, which is also used for all our online activity, suffered the blue screen of death about a month back. I just got it up and running again with a new harddrive on New Year’s Eve. We’re back! There will, therefore, be new Secret Archives of the Vatican music on its way and new podcasts too.

BDR Dancefloor logo

Our big news for 2011 is the launch of BDR Dancefloor, a new subsidiary label which will focus on dancefloor friendly tunes and will involve artists other than BDR‘s usual roster. We have several tunes ready for release or in progress and we have commissioned remixes for some of them. We are looking for up-and-coming artists to work with.

Our first tune for BDR Dancefloor was a remake of Legend B‘s classic trance anthem, Lost in Love by Welsh trance ninjas, Ailenni. Here it is on YouTube.

So, we have high hopes for 2011, both for Broken Drum Records and for BDR Dancefloor. Subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with our release news.

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  1. January 1, 2011 11:44 am

    Big Up to the Archives Massive on their new venture! 2011 sounds like a good year for music.

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