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New Natacha Atlas album – Mounqaliba

September 2, 2010


Mounqaliba (Arabic: منقلبة; English: In a State of Reversal), the new album from Natacha Atlas will be released 20 September 2010. Co-produced by Samy Bishai, it was inspired by the poems of Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. In addition to original works, it also contains covers of songs by Françoise Hardy and Nick Drake . The album also features composers Zoe Rahman and Jocelyn Pook.
The album features audio clips from social theorists Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco through multiple tracks, as well as references to Zeitgeist: Addendum and a resource-based economy.

Track list

  1. Intro
  2. Makkan
  3. Matrah Interlude
  4. Bada Al Fajir
  5. Muwashah Ozkourini
  6. River Man
  7. Batkallim
  8. Mounqaliba
  9. Le Cor, Le Vent
  10. Direct Solutions Interlude
  11. Lahazat Nashwa
  12. La Nuit Est Sur La Ville
  13. Fresco’s Interlude
  14. Ghoroub
  15. Evening Interlude
  16. Taalet
  17. Egypt Interlude
  18. Nafourat El Anwar
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