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Psilicon Dreams 9

August 16, 2010

Psilicon Dreams 9

Splendid Beats – Psilicon Dreams 9 podcast opens with one of our tunes, Gold and Slaves – download or listen to it HERE.

Direct link to mp3 file

They appear to have run the entire track through a reverb unit to dub it up a little….

The main man, Crispy, says this:

Heavily inspired by a fantastic few days at the mighty Shambhala Music Festival, I assembled a groovy mix of the many shades of dub. From straight-up, to world beats, to techy, to a dash of dubstep… it’s all there. I even dubbed-up the artwork to complete the package. Highlights include a classic slice of The Orb, new tracks from Adham Shaikh and Kalpataru Tree, some serious deepness from KiloWatts and Evan Marc & Steve Hillage, an absolute ripper from Nagual Sound Experiment vs. Ital Roots Player, and the dubtronic masters, Pitch Black, bringing us safely back to earth at the end.

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