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Intransitive Recordings

August 12, 2010

Intransitive Recordings

Intransitive Recordings is a label I’ve just discovered. I think their releases are all CDs or CDRs.They say this about themselves:

Intransitive is a record label and online magazine dedicated to electronic, electro-acoustic, and otherwise unclassifiable “experimental” music. No, I don’t like that term very much either, but it’s general enough to mean something to somebody……..If you hear two Intransitive releases and can sorta tell that there is some unifying aesthetic behind them both, but can’t quite put your finger on what that is, then I’ve done my job.

Sounds worth investigating to me!

Man with megaphone

There’s a magazine element to what they do:

The magazine is my way of facilitating conversation between artists, between artists and listeners, and between anyone who is curious about the issues that move people to make abstract sounds and the artists themselves. You will find monthly Round Table discussions about issues related to sound-making… articles by artists about their own work, and dialogue between sympathetic folks… in-depth interviews, book excerpts, galleries of visual art and essays on film by sound artists, and looks behind the curtain to talk about the experience of thinking about and making this noise. Please join the conversation! Feel free to comment on articles that interest you, and share them with others.

Check out the magazine HERE.

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