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Fake Media/Entropia

August 12, 2010


Fake Media is the name of a release I found while trawling through various netlabels’ sites. It’s by Normaa and features five tracks:

  1. GazaHebron
  2. Otra Vez te Equivocas
  3. The Void Night
  4. The Void Coliseum
  5. The Void Triumph

It was released in early 2008 by one of our favourite labels, Fresh Poulpe.

Normaa aka Eduardo Acosta says the album is: ‘the result of the manipulated media, the current conflicts, the forgotten wars, poverty, and the dignity of the occupated (sic) lands and exploited countries. A travel between dub and IDM, exploring vocals and melodies, smooth and pain, red tears and dark hope. The digital drama and the war against wrong system and skills.’

There’s an Eastern feel buried in among the electronica, which is why we like it here in the Secret Archives. You can download this fine free release from HERE.

While I was looking at this album, I found a later release also! It’s called Entropia and was released in 2009. It features eight tracks:

  1. Enana Blanca
  2. Planck Era
  3. Les Organismes
  4. Become An Evil
  5. OTAN VS Nature
  6. Normaagedon
  7. Solar Ring
  8. Bass Rebel Front (Bonus track)

You can download it from HERE.


The label says this: Normaa with Entropia, offers a new sound, different from their previous ep Fake Media. Here is the Normaa sauced dubstep, dubstep to a futuristic urban atmosphere that will shake your walls.’

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