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Qilin Music Podcast: #7 feat. The Vortex

July 28, 2010

Hey, we don’t just pimp our own mighty fine podcast on here – we pimp other people’s fine podcasts too!

The Vortex

The latest episode from Qilin Music is entitled #7 feat. The Vortex. Download it from HERE. You can subscribe in iTunes HERE.

Qilin Music says this about itself:
We are a label that drums to the marches of democratic beats. Founded by firm believers of sensory development and propelled by a clan of critical thinkers in sonic progress, Qilin is set to unleash its onward stride for music egalitarianism. With a global network of artists seeding their creations from various corners of the world, discerning ears will enjoy equal opportunities to reap the wonders of aural experimentations, bass engineering and everything in between the audible sonic range. All boundaries, geographical, linguistic and musical, will be eradicated. We brew a creative concoction that mixes fluttering ideas & accidental inspirations with crafted mishaps and tenacious tinkers.
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Tracks in this podcast:

01: Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me (Hessle Audio)
02: A Made Up Sound – Closer (Rework)
03: Scuba – Three Sided Shape (Hotflush)
04: Untold – Bad Girls (Fabric)
05: Joy Orbison – Wet Look (Hotflush)
06: Roska feat. Jamie George – Love 2 Nite (Rinse)
07: Moska – Square One (L Vis 1990 Remix) (Night Slugs)
08: L Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix) (Mad Decent)
09: Redlight feat. Roses Gabor – Stupid (Digital Soundboy)
10: F – Forever (7even)
11: Von D feat. Warrior Queen – Moon Eclipse (Black Acre)
12: Distance – Menace (Chestplate)
13: Breakage feat. David Rodigan and Newham Generals – Hard (Digital Soundboy)
14: Droid Sector – Insomnia (Subway)
15: Demon – Cardiac Attack (AEI / This Is Dubstep)
16: Von D & DJ Madd – U (Boka)
17: LV & Untold – Beacon (Mount Kimbie Mix) (Hemlock)
18: Pangaea – Beacause Of You (Hessle Audio)
19: Actress – Machine and voice (Non Plus)
20: Hyetal – Pixel Rainbow Sequence (Reduction)
21: Synkro – Come with me (Z Audio)
22: Eskmo – Lands and Bones ft. Swan (Warp)
23: Izaak Stern – Moon Palace (Stormfield’s ‘Remember Gaza’ Remix) (Qilin Music)
24: Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Actress Neu Haus So Glo Mix) (AUS Music)

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