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Barefoot ASIA Vol 1

July 23, 2010

Here’s a very cool chilled DJ mix. Mixed, Dubbed and Compiled by THEDONN & CEE for Barefoot ASIA .

They say:
BAREFOOT is a worldwide movement that delivers a combination of bass sounds from advance formations within its performance & sound design.

Call it deep, dirty, polyrhythmic, bouncy or future music, its absolutely dance floor ready for what describes the balance within the sub-culture.

With no specific tempo restrictions to cross over genre inventions, the open source generation will be our approach for todays music evolution.

Discovered in 2003 by heavy believers of bass sounds. Barefoot was created by Austrian based world collective Crunchtime Music, lead by Stereotyp & Cee of Al Haca from Germany.

Representing a pure cycle of musical experiences within formations to the combinations of broken dub bits of joy in Cumbia or Hip Hop * Breakcore, Kuduro, Jungle to Afro Beat, Mutant Jazz, Drum’n’Bass, DubTek, Dubstep, Grime to Ragga Rhymes to the little secrets that are indescribable.



  1. Talen – Track This – A Sensatianal Tale (Cee RMX)
  2. Africa Hitech – One Two
  3. Stereotyp – Just Riddim
  4. Al Haca – Chalice
  5. Jahcoozi – Barbed Wire
  6. Rhianna – Rude Boy (Stereotyp RMX)
  7. Domu & Volcov – Secret Powers (Titonton RMX)
  8. Joker – Digidesign
  9. Kalbata & Mixmonster – Sugar Plum Dub
  10. Kalbata & Mixmonster – Sugar Plum Plum
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