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What is Drumstep?

July 22, 2010

We’ve been hearing much about drumstep lately – but what is it? There seems to be the same wide range of opinions as there was when dubstep first reached out beyond the confines of Croydon to a waiting world. Heck, people are still arguing about dubstep years later.

Broadly speaking, it seems drumstep came from people producing either dubstep (tempo usually about 140bpm) or drum’n’bass (often at 175 to 180bpm) who listened to both and decided to make some tunes at tempos in between – from 150bpm up to 170-bpm. In a lot of cases the main snare drum is on the third beat of each bar instead of on the second and fourth as in traditional drum’n’bass.

I fully expect that many people reading this will disagree with the above analysis and will list tunes at different bpms and with snares all over the place as examples of why I’m an eejit. Whatever.

Anyway – this is a long preamble to pointing youse towards a website. DrumStep is a new site and it’s HERE .

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  1. 2funky2 permalink
    July 23, 2011 6:05 am

    i thought drumstep was a cross between dub n breaks =)

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