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Last FM sells its soul to Satan

April 20, 2010

Last FM has announced that it will no longer be hosting individual tracks itself for users to play at will….rather it will concentrate on ‘scrobbling’, that is creating a very large database of everything that someone plays.

They are going to push users towards services such as Spotify, which in my humble opinion are crap attempts by the dying record industry to wrest control over people’s listening (and therefore buying) habits away from the modern world and back to their dinosaur ways of doing things. Shame on Last FM!! Seems that every innovation of the digital online world gets hijacked and wrecked by the old record industry before long. Last FM was good because it was easy to upload music and manage a music catalogue. There’s no point me subscribing to it now.

Details and music providers’ responses here:

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  1. Falconsoars permalink
    April 21, 2010 6:54 am

    I agree – I’m bummed out about this too! And now suspiciously, the site has been down all evening (U.S. time – middle of the night in the UK). Even though twitter says they’re having server problems, I have a hunch that it’s a smokescreen to allow them to make the technical changes necessary to move to their new business model. I haven’t been able to get into for about the last 3 hours. My guess is (nothing to back this up, just a hunch) that they brought the site down to change over to their new business model – scrobbling, no track streaming. I’m bummed, because I really enjoyed their streaming service.

    Although it just came out in their blog, David Goodman,’s chief, already alluded to this change in their business model in an interview last week ( In this interview he mentioned two other sites where users could go to stream tracks on-demand. One of them isn’t available in the U.S. (Spotify) and the other, We7, is commercial radio unless you pay for it (as far as I can tell so far – anyone know anything more about it or has anyone been using it?).

    It’s the same old story – the big corporation (in this case, CBS) buys up the little guy, guts the company, and only keeps the parts it wants – the ones offering the least service for the most money, of course. I have a hard time believing the statistic he stated that only 1% of their volume is for audio streaming and the rest is all scrobbling, but who knows these days with social media creating more connections than content.

  2. April 21, 2010 10:10 pm

    I have never scrobled. I don intend to. Why the f!!k would I want to list all the music I listen too?

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