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PAPRooTA dUb – a fine Polish dub netlabel

April 15, 2010

PAPRooTA dUb NetLabel say this about themselves:

PAPRooTA dUb NetLabel is an online publishing stable which assembles dub artists (in the full sense of the word). Dub is a specific way of creating the sound, in which dubmasters mainly focus on the rhythm – bass, drums, percussions. A characteristic feature of dub is the creation of space, gained by analogue or digital devices like delay or reverb. Our netlabel is a kind of gate for those who produce high-level dub music and those who are interested in it, or would like to become. Shortly writing, the former shares their works among the latter. Got it?

cover chapter 1

Their artists include Jabbadub and King DuBear. The latest release is an EP, From the Bear’s Den Chapter 1 by King DuBear.

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