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Feargal Sharkey calls for new digital music deals

April 8, 2010

Feargal Sharkey calls for new digital music deals is the title of a BBC news item you can read HERE.


‘…Innovative new legal music services must be developed as anti-piracy laws get nearer, music business figurehead Feargal Sharkey has said……’

‘….UK Music boss Sharkey said: “We need to sit down as quickly as possible and start developing these new services.” ‘

Holy crap, Feargal….have you finally caught on to what everyone has been saying for several years? That your dinosaur-like industry is ponderously slow to react to the modern world and has, indeed, left it too late.

The article continues: ‘….Virgin Media is among the ISPs that have tried to launch an “all you can eat” offer – with unlimited downloads for an extra fee added to the monthly bill. But that has stalled because record labels are worried about how big their cut would be. …..’

So, unfortunately the core problem remains: a failed business model built upon anachronistic concepts of what the music market is. The record labels still want 1970s profit margins – which they need because of the over-inflated budgets required to make ‘stars’ out of sub-standard artists and to maintain their place in the public consciousness.

Dude – the world has moved on. You can talk to all the stakeholders you mention in the article but you are wasting your time unless the record companies dismantle themselves and build a totally new industry that accepts much smaller levels of profit. Which, of course, they won’t do because while there’s still a dead horse lying around, they’ll continue to flog it. They’ll occasionally score a point (convincing the UK government to pass the ludicrous Digital Economy Bill on behalf of the record labels without adequate scrutiny was a masterstroke) but ultimately the modern world will win and the last few big labels will die. Better late than never.

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