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Music Matters

March 28, 2010

This is an interesting news item from the BBC about a campaign and film called Music Matters:


the campaign is aiming to persuade fans of the value of music and steer them away from file-sharing services.
Music Matters has designed a ‘trust mark’ that will appear on licensed music download and streaming sites. Services including iTunes, MySpace Music, Tesco, Spotify, HMV and Rough Trade have all signed up to put the Music Matters logo on their websites to let people know they are visiting an authorised site.

The article has some interesting quotes from music business people and musicians. I’ll let you read them for yourselves. The question remains as to whether Music Matters is yet another pathetic ploy by the dinosaur record labels to encourage people to continue paying over the odds for shoddy products from their crappy stables of artists, or whether they have a point?

Music DOES matter and it does have a positive effect on our lives. Life would be dull without it. Artists also need some income to enable them to continue to make music. So, I’ll be watching this campaign with interest to see whether it really is about music mattering or whether it’s merely about record label profits mattering.


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