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New release from Phat Koknoz

March 1, 2010

You may recall that we played a tune from Phat Koknoz in a recent episode of our podcast. Here’s news of a new release:

This new release from Phat Koknoz sees him explore Luxembourg’s winter beauty whilst touching on its cold capitalist heart. Tracks inspired by travels to dubstep nights in London (Long Walk In The Dark) and Brussels (Bumfire) also feature. Highlights include the ambient Flying Lotus sounding ‘Homeless‘ and the rampant bass pumping of ‘Secrets‘. Deep bass tones and ambient vocals pass through twitching yet punishing drumbeats with dubstep undergoing a revolution at a variety of different tempos. The EP ends with ‘Enter The Darkness‘ and ‘When I Think About You‘ almost entering DnB territory.

More upbeat than his previous release PK1, this hears Phat Koknoz consolidate his sound further yet introducing an altogether rougher edge. The whole EP flows into one with each track mixing seamlessly between one another. Unmixed tracks are available upon request.

Available for download in various formats including the usual high speed torrent link (mp3 320kbps) and now available in FLAC with additional booklet of artwork in exchange for email address. See links below.


High speed torrent link mp3 320kbps


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