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Shove These Fossils Up Your Magnificent Creationist Ass

February 4, 2010


Shove These Fossils Up Your Magnificent Creationist Ass is a 17 track album by Bossasaurus and is available for free download from HERE.

Bossasaurus is the Oakland, CA-based electro-prog-hop conglomerate featuring the talents of Egon Brainparts, Negatron Johnson, DJ H.O.P. and Captain Choice.

In 2009, Bossasaurus distinguished itself amongst a fierce group of competitors as the preeminent source of dope reptilian instrumental music production. With a series of sophisticated, funky and fun original songs and remixes, Bossasaurus has ferociously claimed such prestigious awards as Best Original Song Beginning with the Letter ‘W’By An Extinct Scaled Animal and Producers Most Likely to Eat Raw Dragon Flies at Your Mom’s House.

On STFUYMCA, Bossasaurus set their sights on dismantling the pervasive creationist mythology distorting the story of their true heritage and ancestry. Set to a backdrop of invigorating original beats and remixes, unfounded claims about the origin of the universe, intelligent design and the age of are planet our laid to waste in the most entertaining manner imaginable: the incisive cuts of DJ H.O.P..

On STFUYMCA, you can expect to hear completely new takes on some of the best hip-hop songs released over the past 20 years. With their collection of vintage analog keyboards, obscure samples and unmatched attention to detail, Bossasaurus breathes new life into a variety of hip-hop classics by artists ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to Tech N9ne to Aesop Rock.

Many of the project’s remixes have drawn rave reviews and been co-signed by the songs original artists. Finally, STFUYMCA offers listeners a taste of Bossasaurus’ unique original instrumental compositions, all inserted in a cohesive, uninterrupted mix that bumps from beginning to end.

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