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Because He Had a Moustache and a Beard, They Thought He Was an Arab

January 18, 2010

Following on from my previous post about the eleventh anniversary of the death of Muslimgauze, here’s a list of my favourite Muslimgauze track titles. Not necessarily my favourite tunes but just very cool titles. The man had a knack for telling a whole story in a few words; each of these titles is deeply evocative.

  1. Because He Had a Moustache and a Beard, They Thought He Was an Arab
  2. Camel Turning the Well Wheel
  3. Muzdalifa, Wear Your Veil
  4. Please Leave Calcutta as You Found It
  5. Cloud of Myrrh and Teargas Over Galillee
  6. An Abyssinian Who Could Kiss Fire
  7. Iqbal Singh Will Tattoo You
  8. How Rustem, the Thief, Moves Through the Fire
  9. North Africa is Not So Far Away
  10. The Girl Who Sleeps With Persian Tulips
  11. Daughter Without Tongue
  12. Zenana of Ugly Thoughts
  13. Why no Dogs in Nizamabad?
  14. Bharboo of Pakistan Railways
  15. Minarets of America
  16. The Broken Radio of Istanbul Station
  17. Hijab Muzzle
  18. Old Bombay Vinyl Junkie
  19. Ultra Orthodox, and no Cheating
  20. Bengal Motorcycle Death Trap
  21. Kabul Isn’t Free Under a Veil
  22. Veil of Tear Gas
  23. Turkish Manipulator of Limbs
  24. A Small Intricate Box Which Contains Old Blue Opium
  25. Zion Under Izlamic Law
  26. Pen Your Atlas, and Find Kurdistan
  27. A Camel is For Life
  28. 8am, Tel Aviv, Islamic Jihad
  29. No Maps of Dar-Es-Salaam Show This
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