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No decrease in illegal downloading, says BPI

December 22, 2009

Here’s another BBC article about an apparent rise in ‘illegal’ filesharing:

No decrease in illegal downloading, says BPI

It sounds as if the greedy beancounters of the big four record labels are now also going to target non-filesharing sources of ‘illegal’ downloads in their futile Canute-like fight against the modern world. There’s one very telling section in this article, though:

Despite the levels of piracy, the BPI was able to announce in October that we are living in ‘the era of the digital single’, after figures revealed 2009 was biggest ever year for UK singles, with more than 117m sold.

I’ll repeat one phrase: biggest ever year for UK singles.

Well, that doesn’t quite tie in with the hand-wringing tales of pirate-induced poverty they’re always bleating on about, does it? This isn’t the first time that the spokespeople say one thing but the official figures say quite another.

The article finishes with this: Mr Taylor said that figure demonstrated how the market could ‘explode’ if the government tackled illegal filesharing.

Or, put another way, the big four record labels would be very happy to make an even higher, ridiculous, level of profit if they could return the music world to the 1980s, when they had complete control of what music was available to you and could charge what they liked for it. Greedy bastards!

The world has changed and they continually refuse to acknowledge that it has. A business model where scarcity and control over availability of a product controls prices is over for music. Why can’t they see that?

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