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Copius Mixtape

December 11, 2009

Andy Kisaragi over at Untimely Sound has drawn our attention to this very cool mix: Blind Mannequin Volume 1
Andy calls this mix25 minutes of steel city hip hop. It’s on Copius‘s Virb webpage.



Swagger (Copius)
Funeral Dust (Copius/Soul)
Terror Remix (Copius/Soul/7th Sun)
Tributes (Soul)
I’m Outside (Copius)
Lawless Kid (Copius/Soul/Dusty)
High Times (Soul)
Radioactive (Copius/Soul/Omez/7th Sun)

High Times is built on a beat made by Andy Kisaragi from Secret Archives of the Vatican‘s tune Budayeen 3AM – Grab the full version here:

Copius & Soul – High Times

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