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BBC interview with iTunes Europe director Oliver Schusser

December 9, 2009

Here’s a BBC interview with iTunes Europe director Oliver Schusser: BBC. Have a quick read….

As it says: ‘With more than 8.5 billion downloads and counting, senior director of iTunes Europe Oliver Schusser discusses the challenges of the coming year….’

8.5 billion legal downloads? And the big four record companies are still banging on about illegal downloads? Seems to me that 8.5 billion downloads should make enough profit for an industry, particularly as Mr Schusser goes on to say: ‘…to be honest, most people in the UK still buy CDs so in the overall music industry we’re a relatively small part…’.

Well, that doesn’t quite fit with the official line of the big four record labels that CD sales have died and that it’s all down to illegal downloads. These contradictory statements from different wings of the music establishment mean that, in my humble opinion, someone isn’t being totally truthful.

Incidentally, here in Broken Drum Records, we do sell a small number of downloads through iTunes. We’re on most of the main download sites and Amazon and MySpace are where we sell the most. iTunes, although not the cheapest for the customer, is one of the better payers to the label.

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