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Arab Lounge Lizards

December 8, 2009

I seem to be pimping lots of other people’s podcasts and DJ mixes as well as our own right now – perhaps that’s because I’m finding so many that are playing excellent music that the mainstream media don’t want you listening to!

Anyway, check this one out: Arab Lounge Lizards



# Title ARTIST Album time
1 Tamally Maak AMR DIAB Tamally Maak 4:30
2 Aiysha (remix) CHEB KHALED Aiysha 4:19
3 Track 09 SHEREEN 3:12
4 Salma Ya Salama (Arabic) DALIDA 40 Succes en Or 4:57
5 Khabeytu ‘aliyiki 2 KHALED AJAJ Album 001 3:48
6 Masdakti DJ BOMBA Bomba Rai Vol 4 3:55
7 Fen Bladi GROUPE AWAH 3:33
8 Dellouni JALAL EL HAMDAOUI Zineb 4:23
9 Bashaka HAKIM Yaho 3:46
10 Ya Rayah RACHID TAHA Rachid Taha 6:15
11 Yay Sehr Eyoono NANCY ARJAM 4:25
12 Feena HISHAM ABBAS Gouah F’Albi 4:51
13 Raje’a Yet’amar Lebnan (Original Mix) OSANE 3:46
14 Shufo Shufo HASNA 3:21
15 Hawa Tayer ASSI HILANI Zghireh Dinney 14 5:33
16 Fi Jmaa HAMID BOUCHNAK 5:31
17 Hada Ch’hal CHEB MAMI Meli Meli 4:02
18 Aref Habibi EHAB TAWFIK 5:01
19 Sobhan Man Jamlak HASAN EL MAGHRABI 6:23
20 Qusad Einy ABDALLAH AL ROWAISHID Musicana 15 4:21

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