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Diary of an archivist

December 4, 2009

Having recently moved back to London, I have decided to make a point of spending time in the SAotV studio.

Last week I caught up with Vince and he played me some of  the tunes that are in the pipeline for the next release.  There are some awesome tracks lined up and it’s going to be really exciting for me to see how they develop and to spend enough time in the studio to contribute something to the production process.

I’ve decided to put some time into this blog too, so I am going to document my input into the development process of the next SAotV release.

My input so far:

1.       Keeping Vince company while he re-visited some tunes he had started on and hadn’t listened to for a while.

2.       Giving ideas as to which direction some tunes should go.

3.       Bringing a bottle of Diet Coke and eating all of Vince’s Ritz biscuits.

4.       Playing some tunes to the guys that have really stood out for me from the last few months.

5.       Promising to be more involved in future and making more time to get back into the studio.

In future I think I will take my camera to take some photos/videos of our studio antics.

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  1. December 4, 2009 7:44 pm

    The promising to be more involved in future and making more time to get back to the studio is a major one for me too.

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