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Speed Caravan

October 1, 2009

Every now and then a new act comes along that is genuinely exciting and ticks all the boxes as far as the Secret Archives posse is concerned. We love the sound of Speed Caravan.

Speed Caravan is

MEHDI : Electric oud
PASCO : Bass
HERMIONE : Computer
SIMO : Percussion. Vocals
ROCKY : Drums, Vocals

Their MySpace page says this:
Mehdi Haddab, pleasure guerrilla, defender of the dazzle, this glamour virtuoso leads his electric caravan at the speed of sound. Armed with his eclectic oud, he guides secrets out of the Orient, gleaned from old masters and spirits with the skids off, from Tizi Ouzou and Sanaa to Istanbul, taking them into the heart of wild raves, those blistering temples of rock, and to clubs for the kings of improvisation. With a gourmet smile or Marshall-amped trill, this Kabyle lute-player demolishes all the preconceived ideas of the shrines of style.

Speed Caravan is the product of a whole series of miraculous meetings on the peaceful crusades that Mehdi has led over the years with the more rebellious French singers, like Rodolphe Burger, Erik Marchand, Rachid Taha, Jacques Higelin and Alain Bashung, as well as the groups he co-founded – Ekova and DuOud. It was when he acquired his first electric oud, improvising for hours with bassist, Pasco, that something clicked – and Speed Caravan was born.

I’ll let you read the rest for yourselves. In the meantime, their new album, Kalashnik Love, is getting some interesting reviews, for example this one: Mondomix


Here’s a live clip from YouTube:

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