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A slow death isn’t good enough for the traditional record industry

August 3, 2009

The record industry has been dying for some time as a result of several things; their own inability to keep up with the modern world, their own unlimited greed and stupidity and the fact that the big labels have long forgotten that it’s about music firstly and making huge piles of cash secondly. We all know this, of course, and it has given me some slight pleasure to watch them try every kind of strategy to artificially extend the life of the dying edifice and fail. I was happy watching them struggle. Now I want them to die quickly.

Now is time for swift, decisive, euthanasia – they have hit rock bottom in their Babylonian perversion of everything that music is supposed to be about. Check out this article about their latest pathetic but immensely harmful scam: The Monetization of Mimi: Mariah CD To Have Ads

Hopefully this will get a heap of negative publicity and the album won’t sell very many copies. I’d hate this kind of nonsense to become the norm among big acts.


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