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Noiz in Zion

July 31, 2009

I found this blog today: Noiz in Zion

It covers urban musical forms from Israel. I guess a lot of this music isn’t heard very much outside of Israel and I must admit that because of my political views of Israel‘s treatment of the Palestinians, and because of my view of the racial supremacism at the dark heart of Zionism, I find myself instinctively suspicious of Israeli musicians; guilty until proven innocent….

However, I am also deeply opposed to prejudice against individuals based in the actions or philosophies of others and I know from my own British experience that governments often do things that are not supported by their entire populations. Musicians tend to be at the open-minded end of life’s spectrum, so I will check out these Israeli musicians’ music without my own racist preconceptions and hopefully find some amazing tunes.

Noiz in Zion

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  1. sabbo permalink
    August 3, 2009 11:24 pm


    My name is Sabbo,I’m the one who runs “Noiz In Zion” among other things…

    I’m happy you found my blog and dislike the fact you find me “guilty until proven innocent….”,I try to look at all people quite the opposite (Innocent until proven guilty).

    prejudice is indeed a very dangerous path one can easily fall into while trying to be “just”…

    Like you’ve wrote,don’t judge people,judge their governments and (more often) religious leaders.
    There are (just like everywhere) a lot of peaceful open minded people here in Israel.

    Music is bringing us all together,I’m happy that through it we can have a dialogue and exchange views.

    Contact me if you wanna reason some more 🙂


  2. August 4, 2009 5:35 am

    Shalom, Sabbo. The ‘guilty until proven innocent’ phrase was an acknowledgment of my own instinctive reaction…..and as I said, I am choosing to ignore that and judge the music and musicians on what I find, rather than on any preconceptions I may have had. One thng that does encourage me is that I’ve come across many Jewish Israeli musicians who collaborate musically with Arab Israeli musicians or with Palestinian musicians; this is positive and demonstrates that people can choose to get along, even if they have different political aspirations or spiritual beliefs.

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