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Brainstorming New Models for Music Careers

June 9, 2009

Brainstorming New Models for Music Careers

This is an interesting blog by bassist Steve Lawson, covering some of the ideas we’re also experimenting with as we try to generate interest in our music. Steve plays live a lot more than we do (and, I’m sure, sells some CDs at his gigs) but he lists some other possibilities for generating an income from music.

We’ve found that selling CDs is very hard right now; most people I know (and they are music fans) haven’t bought a physical-medium product in a couple of years. Some friends buy downloads. Interestingly, a few say they use iTunes despite the charges being higher than (for example) Amazon just because they perceive it to be easier. I’m not sure it is, and iTunes‘ DRM system is still an issue. We’re selling some downloads through iTunes and Amazon and a few others but not very many. The process of converting people’s interest into parting with cash is a tricky one.

Many of the marketing solutions for music in this new digital world won’t make much money for niche-genre artists like us – but they don’t have to, as we don’t attempt to make a living from it. It must be much harder for the full time professional musician. It’s still unclear where the music world is heading but it is necessary for musicians to make some money or there won’t be high-quality, well-produced, well-packaged music in the future.

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