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The Professional Suicide of a Recording Musician

April 29, 2009

This is an article from 2007 that deserves to be read by more people. An experienced musician explains why most musicians today would be much better off sharing music via the Internet than signing standard industry recording contracts. His experience mirrors ours: it is extrememly unlikely that you will make any money by selling your music via the tradtional record company routes and they will work to restrict who can hear your music. If you’re not going to make any money, you might as well release it all for free and these days the Internet makes it possible for the whole world to hear your music if you put the hours in to promote it online. Anyway, check out the article:

The Professional Suicide of a Recording Musician

At this point, Broken Drum Records is mixed; we have a couple of albums for sale, one CD/download and one download only. There is a small trickle of sales but almost none. Other than that, all new tracks are being uploaded to our website and places like Last FM for free download and I expect that’s the way we will continue. Tracks are available within ten minutes of being mixed and mastered – no waiting for marketing campaigns and artwork etc. Although I personally like a physical product, a nice CD with cool artwork for example, the costs of making them far outweigh any chance of recouping said costs, and that’s just the reality of the modern world. So – free downloads it is.

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