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Shook – ultracool magazine

March 10, 2009

Our favourite magazine was always Straight No Chaser. Many of you may never have heard of it but it covered the most amazing music and its graphic style was incredible. Its tagline was ‘Interplanetary Sounds: Ancient to Future‘ and it covered everything from classic jazz and soul to Detroit techno, drum’n’bass to global fusion, broken beat to hiphop. It folded a little while back, as the finances of a specialist music magazine in the world of downloads and online editorial meant that it couldn’t go on. It was a sad day when the last issue rolled off the press. Check out the website, though, because a small community keeps the flame alive and there’s some cool articles, photography and discussion still on there:

Straight No Chaser

So – I was very happy when I came across a remarkably similar looking and just as cool magazine when I was in Rough Trade East a couple of weeks back. I bought all four issues that have been published so far. It is called Shook. Check out their website and try to track down the mags. Or download them from the website.


I hope that Shook is able to continue to publish but that will depend on advertising and sales.

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