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New Secret Archives of the Vatican podcast now available

March 2, 2009

A new Secret Archives of the Vatican podcast is now available from here:

This podcast includes tracks by Secret Archives of the Vatican, Onra, Dub Gabriel and Uncle Riotous

Secret Archives of the Vatican

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  1. March 3, 2009 11:02 am

    Great podcast as always. Loving the Bass Jihad as well as the SAotV and UR tracks!

  2. March 3, 2009 9:13 pm

    Just cribbed this newsletter from MySpace – it’s Dub Gabriel’s March Newsletter and I thought it might be interesting here as we played a couple of his tunes in our podcast.

    Dub Gabriel March Newsletter
    Welcome to the March Newsletter, so much going on right now.

    We had the pleasure of The Master Musicians of Jajouka here in the States for a tour, while on tour they were able to stay with me for 10 days (daze) filled with jammin, food, laughs and well, more jammin!
    They did 4 shows at Yoshi’s and an instore at Amoeba which I had the pleasure of joining them for the final track.

    Back at the house we did tons of recording and had David J from Bauhaus/Love & Rockets joining in on some great Bass Lines.

    I also was able to get David to lay down some bass lines on a track I am working on with U Roy to, so I can’t wait to mix down both tracks.

    After the guys left a last min job came in for VH1, which I was happy to do.

    Next week, I will be going back to New York, No gigs, this time I will be going back in the studio with Michael Stipe, film director Tom Gilroy and Hahn Rowe (Hugo Largo/Glenn Branca)
    it will be for a tribute album that will also feature Thom Yorke, Dinosaur Jr, The Decemberists, Frank Black, David Thomas (Pere Ubu), Syd Straw, Clap your Hands Say Yeah, Joseph Arthur, more info to come!

    After I get back then I will be going into Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto) studio to do a remix for Laya Project ( a great double cd and dvd dedicated to the 2004 Asian tsunami victims.

    Other News, Dub Gabriel “Anarchy & Alchemy” still getting tons of press and radio airplay, if you have not picked it up yet, it is available on CD and digital.

    JFX Bits #3 featuring the likes of Ghislain Poirier, Filastine, Bassnectar, and Dub Gabriel recently talked about on Flavor Pill!!
    check out Flavor Pill for links to download the album

    http://flavorwire. com/12314/depression-special-4-five-free-and-legal-full-album-downloads

    Also, Just anounced! Dub Gabriel will be playing at Shambala Music Festival Aug. 7-10th in Canada, stay tuned!

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