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February 12, 2009

Here’s a BBC news item about Spotify, allegedly a serious rival to Last FM:

It’s free but you have to endure adverts and the music has mostly been licenced from the traditional big labels and some independents who wish they were the big labels. You have the option of paying a subscription to avoid being advertised at. The fact is that most of don’t mind visual adverts (we can successfully filter those out…) but we object to audio adverts. Heck, if we were OK with audio adverts, we’d still be listening to the radio, wouldn’t we? There’s a reason why we’ve all gone online, you know.

Last FM, for all its faults, isn’t bad. You can listen for weeks without having to be subjected to anything produced by the major record labels and it’s easy to find music by artists in whatever obscure genre floats your boat.

We love Last FM. You can check out Secret Archives of the Vatican‘s music here:

You can check out our new album, Remembering Machine, here:

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  1. February 16, 2009 11:27 am

    hi vince haven’t tried spotify but i think it kind of serves a different market than, as you say is packed with obscure wonders and you can listen for hours without hearing anything that anyone else has heard before… lots of people just don’t want that though – turns out some people in the world aren’t obsessive music geeks! for those people spotify sounds awesome, it’s full of music they already know they like, they can cue up whole albums, and the ads (from what i hear) are actually few & far between.

  2. February 16, 2009 11:43 am

    Fair enough! I guess the majority of the public is used to being trained in what to like by expensive marketing campaigns but I don’t have a ideological objection to giving the public what they want.

    I’d like the public to rekindle a genuine interest in music, though, as I believe a lot more people had that back in the 70s and 60s. Since then we have become ‘consumers’ rather than ‘fans’ and I think that is sad.

    My concern now is that when cool music-based social networking sites show any sign of success, they are taken over (directly or indirectly) by the majors and everything gets adjusted to unfairly favour the big record labels. For example, MySpace was bought out by the Murdoch Empire – now the front page is swamped by adverts for mainstream films and mainstream chart-fodder music.

    I will always support the smaller, independent, music makers and providers because I believe there is far higher likelihood that the music they make, whatever style it is, will have been made by people who love music more than they love fame and money. Not that I object to fame or money, mind you…… 😉

  3. Guy Cross permalink*
    February 17, 2009 9:51 pm

    I sitll listen to the radio, but commercial radio has always been shit in my lifetime….

    BBC Radio is worth the license fee – but as I do not own a TV I et it for free!

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