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Secret Archives of the Vatican on SOAS radio

May 19, 2016

Here are Vince and Louis talking for a couple of hours on SOAS radio in London, all about the history of the band, its roots in the cassette trader scene and the old Asian Underground scene.

Bandcamp, Downloads, Streaming, and the Inescapably Bright Future

May 19, 2016

The Bandcamp Blog

In light of a recent report that Apple will soon abandon music downloads (later denied, but undoubtedly containing a certain amount of inevitability), we thought we’d take a moment to update you on the state of Bandcamp’s business and our plans for the future.

Bandcamp grew by 35% last year. Fans pay artists $4.3 million dollars every month using the site, and they buy about 25,000 records a day, which works out to about one every 4 seconds (you can see a real-time feed of those purchases on our desktop home page). Nearly 6 million fans have bought music through Bandcamp (half of whom are younger than 30), and hundreds of thousands of artists have sold music on Bandcamp. Digital album sales on Bandcamp grew 14% in 2015 while dropping 3% industry-wide, track sales grew 11% while dropping 13% industry-wide, vinyl was up 40%, cassettes 49%… even CD sales…

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Eastern Tongues – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 132

May 9, 2016

Podcast 132 small

Here is the latest Secret Archives of the Vatican podcast. It’s also available as a download from iTunes.








  1. Dub Byzantine
    Zeb-da Spy from Cairo
  2. The Walls of Byzantium
    Secret Archives of the Vatican
  3. Gelecek
  4. Above The Bosphorus
  5. Hiphop du Soleil Levant
  6. Singing in Tongues
  7. Darinda
    Rap Engineers
  8. The Philosopher King
  9. Shehnai Moon Dance
    Mosienko Project
  10. Chunar Remix
    Bandish Projekt
  11. Mountain Blue

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music.”

Kurt Vonnegut


istanbul 1

News of the World – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 131

March 5, 2016

Podcast 131 small

We’ve just released episode 131 of our mighty and most excellent podcast.  You can download it from iTunes or stream it from Mixcloud.  Eleven awesome examples of transglobal breakbeat dub science for you delight and delectation!


  1. Dog in the Piano
    Indian Rope Man
  2. Nishapur Dub
    Secret Archives of the Vatican
  3. Dervish Bass
  4. Old Delhi (Intro)
  5. At the Bass (Gali Qasim Jaan)
  6. Obsidian Beats (David Starfire Remix)
    Kaya Project
  7. Egypt
  8. Abracadabra
  9. La Position du Sphinx
  10. Anatoli
    Dysphemic feat. Yianni Treweeke
  11. I Am Not a Terrorist
    Ravana Tenheads feat. Umar Khalid

In all the music that deals with experimental repetition, drum and bass, dub, various kinds of house music, there’s always been a quality of atmosphere and ambience.

Bill Laswell


20 years of Asian Undergound

February 25, 2016
We’re not Asian…but this scene was the key catalyst in deciding the direction of Secret Archives of the Vatican and Broken Drum Records as we discovered this music during the 90s. We went to various club nights and bought lots of albums – stole lots of ideas!

It’s great to hear some of the pioneers giving their take on the history of the scene.
(And for those of you who are north American, here in the UK “Asian” usually refers to Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi rather than the whole of Asia.)



We like music

Old Delhi by Ravana

February 7, 2016

We are fans of the late Muslimgauze, although his music is not easy listening and is not for everyone. So, when we hear of an album that is a tribute to him, we’re going to check it out.

Old Delhi by Ravana is available from Bandcamp HERE.  It is described thus:

This Album IS A Tribute To The Sounds Of Muslimgauze.
Ravana Presents The Various Sounds Of Old Delhi Charm As They See It And Hear It. These Songs Or Sounds Are Predominantly Influenced By The Mighty Beats Of The Eastern World And The Ever Present Bass Mythology.

There’s not a lot of clear info about Ravana online..his WordPress “about” page says this:  DJ?Producer?SamplingAgent?Ranter?Blogger?Poet?Actor?

His Facebook description says this: Creation Is Not In My Hands
It’s Got To Do With The Soul Of The Solar System

Ravana’s Bandcamp page has a stack of other music to check out too…get downloading!


We like music



The Last Sacrifice – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 130

January 15, 2016


Here is Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 130.  We started this podcast as a way to showcase our own releases as well as to share some of the great music we like. We also wish to introduce our listeners to the idea that not all music comes from the USA and Europe, and that there are other rhythms, sounds, tuning systems, languages and viewpoints that deserve to be heard. So, we mix the genres up a bit (who only listens to one kind of music anyway?) and we like to tell you a little about the artists when we can.

You can listen from here:

You can listen on MixCloud

You can download from iTunes


  1. Letters From Istanbul (Orkidz RMX)
    My Pet Monster

  2. White Istanbul (Original Mix)

  3. In Eastern Lands
    Secret Archives of the Vatican

  4. YYY (Tribone Remix)
    Echo and Tito

  5. Flying Swords

  6. Enter the House of Wisdom
    Thousand Yard Prayer

  7. Bedouin

  8. The Last Sacrifice

  9. Salaam

  10. Sema Yaka (Hibernation Remix)
    Kaya Project featuring Randolph Matthews

  11. Kashmir

I suppose for me as an artist it wasn’t always just about expressing my work; I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture that I was living in. It just seemed like a challenge to move it a little bit towards the way I thought it might be interesting to go.
David Bowie



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