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Broken Drum Records’ artwork

October 11, 2019

People have told us that they are interested in what’s behind our music so we’ve been making short videos. Here’s one about our artwork.

istanbul 1


Beat Knowledge – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 146

October 6, 2019

“You are about to witness the strength of Beat Knowledge”
MC Hassan-e Sabbah

Here’s the latest episode of our podcast. It has some particularly excellent tunes!  Listen and share!


1   Midival Punditz – Nukhta (feat Kutle Khan)
2   Eastern Dub Tactik – Cultural Wizdum
3   Thousand Yard Prayer – Women of Scythia
4   Secret Archives of the Vatican – Sohan of Qom
5   An-Ten-Nae – Kayu
6   TeeBee – Dynasty Warriors (Original Mix)
7   Dyekho – EgyPyramids
8   Fun-Da-Mental – 5 Prayers of Afghan Women

How we write and record our music

October 6, 2019

Various people have expressed interest in how we write and record our music. Every track is different but here’s how we created a recent tune, Women of Scythia.


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Women of Scythia on Bandcamp

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The reality of the streaming economy

September 30, 2019

BDR_2019 first

We have 11 albums distributed by DistroKid, who do a great job for a very reasonable fee. It’s almost exactly a year since we started using them and we’ve added several releases during that year.

We push our music on various social media to the best of our ability, constantly trying new approaches and learning from “experts”. We don’t spam people too much (hopefully!) and we try to build relationships with our fans.We pay for some
advertising on some of our social media sites.

Here are our year’s earnings as of just now.

iTunes   $0.48
Apple Music   $1.96
Spotify   $11.97
Deezer   $4.28
YouTube   $0.42
Google Play   $2.56
Amazon   $1.12
iHeart Radio $0.03

Total   $18.88

We’re retiring to the Bahamas any day now.

We make a little more money from Bandcamp and we’d like to give a huge “Thank you!” to those who pay for our music.  However, the costs of maintaining these accounts, paying for cover artwork and adverts etc, is not even remotely covered by this income.

This isn’t particularly a moan (honestly!), just an observation of the nature of the current music economy if you don’t make mainstream music and you’re not in a position to earn money from gigs or merchandise. We don’t really have an answer and we acknowledge that history doesn’t go backwards. The old economy is not going to return.


Never Mind the Bulwarks

September 30, 2019

We live in a time of walls and divisions. We say never mind the bulwarks, break down the walls, speak truth to power.

Thousand Yard Prayer have just released a new four track album on Bandcamp called Never Mind the Bulwarks.

The album
This was a tricky one to write…we didn’t quite know where we were going but we did decide part way through to give no thought whatsoever to making the tunes accessible but to just make the music that evolved in the studio.  So, we have different time signatures, we have non-western tuning on one track  and it’s all turned out a long way from pop music.

The music
As ever, we have used various instrument sounds: frame drums such as the bendir, the daf and the dayereh, flutes such as the Turkish ney, the Persian ney and the kaval and stringed instruments such as the kopuz and the lyra.  Naturally, there’s some gritty Croydon bass electronica underpinning it all too.

We hope you like it.


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Hindustani electronica from San Francisco

September 6, 2019

Here’s an intriguing album, With & Without released by San Fransisco  based label, Ghunghru. This is an experimental label, radio show and curatorial project run by Arushi Jain.  Using the artist name Ose, she trained as a Hindustani classical vocalist in New Delhi from the age of 11.

Ose says that her work consists of taking the ragas she grew up singing and “transforming them into something others can understand”.

“When I first started writing this album, I started with the intention of taking my hindustani classical roots and giving it a new home, a new skin, a new soul. I’ve been deeply entranced by this idea of taking ragas and transforming them into something others can understand. In many ways, a lot of my work is aiming to make this artform more accessible, more understood, more appreciated.”

I Feel Incomplete is inspired by Raag Bhairav, Drown Out The Noise With Your Silence is inspired by Raag Bheempalasi, Just Like A Dragonfly is inspired by Raag Aasavari and Is It Love is inspired by Raag Bihag.

“This is an album about being vulnerable with what you hear, about being open to coalescing different worlds into each other in a way that might not be done before. I have a diversity of sounds here – works that are more slow, strange, experimental, emotional and durational, to works that are more fast, expected, melodic, lush, and physical.”

New album: Khorasan

September 5, 2019

Here is our new four track album, Khorasan,  on all the major download and streaming sites from 6 September 2019.

For the musicians
Each track uses the same musical scale, an Arabic maqam called Maqam Jaharka Turki. The notes in the scale are F, Gb, A, Bb, C, Db, E, F

We are not a drum and bass act but we have recorded many drum and bass tunes. However, they’d never really fit in a DJ’s drum and bass set as we pay no attention to what drum and bass is supposed to sound like this week. A quick scoot through some top playlists on Spotify reveals that a high proportion of current drum and bass is shite anyway. We fancied doing a dedicated drum and bass project in our own style and here it is. It has our own unique sound. Hopefully, some of you will like these tunes!

The idea of restricting yourself to a particular musical scale or a tempo or whatever, is that you are forced to become more creative.  You have to work harder to differentiate the tracks, come up with new ideas. We hope we have achieved that.

Please share this music if you like it. Comment on our social media pages.  Thanks!

Broken Drum Records

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